Dj Zeb

Dj Zeb

Dj Zeb
Started playing music as early as 1988 and quickly became known as a DJ who not only played one song at a time on vinyl, but had 3-4 players in the DJ booth, usually all played at the same time. They were usually taped vinyl records to create loops and starting points.

With Influences from 2 continents as Zeb is Swedish & Mexican and grew up both in Sweden & in Mexico where he picked up influences from both sides of the globe. Partly from playing at clubs and festivals around the world. But also when he participated in a lot of them.

Zeb comes from a music family and it did not take long before Zeb started producing his own music already in the mid 90’s.

With the heart in electronic music, there were a lot of remixes and productions for Sony Music, but also a couple of white label releases like:

: The Matrix (2000), The Trip, Millenium mfl. Music, Only House Music etc.Ā 

Over the years, Zeb has worked with a number of artists and projects and in recent years a lot of ghost production.

As an event organizer since the mid-90s with a few hundred events

behind him, Zeb also started the Label: Technohearts Records, (Technohearts AB) with a focus on Techno, Acidtechno but also some progressive house ..Ā 

Bookings in Europe:

BookingsĀ  Usa/Latin America:


Dj Zeb & 1N8TIVE – Luna NocturnaĀ  [April 7]
Dj Zeb – Acid Ā Initiative [April 23]
Dj Zeb & 1N8TIVE – Pandelux
Dj Zeb – Awakening
Dj Zeb – Shredder
Dj Zeb – TB Or Not TB [303]
Dj Zeb – Pulse
Dj Zeb & 1N8ATIVE – Tulum
Dj Zeb – Mutation Nation